The Publisher journal focuses on scientific works related to the historical, practical and theoretical aspects of book publishing in Bulgaria and abroad. The aim is to establish the Publisher journal as a national and international scientific forum, which through high-quality research and reviews in Bulgarian and English to reflect the full range of topics related to the creation, reproduction and use of literary products. To achieve high quality, the editorial board will rely on the principles of professional selection, independent double-blind peer review evaluation and systematic publishing procedure. The main thematic rubrics of the journal are Editorial; Practice and Experience; Book History; New Approaches and Innovations; Reviews and Annotations; Letters to the Editor.
The owner of the scientific journal Publisher is the University of Library Science and Information Technology (ULSIT).

Publisher Journal is an Open Access (OA) journal, published twice a year:

Book I – January – June;

Book II – July – December.

ISSN: 1310-4624 (Print)

ISSN: 2367-9158 (Online)

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